Shipnext – Trading Desk


Solution for dynamic freight search, cargo-to-ship and ship-to-cargo matching, tendering and trading

SHIPNEXT Trading Desk – a solution which helps structure internal and external freight requests and cargo shipments,
as well as open ship positions and shipping solutions into one continuous flow, for  instant cargo-to-ship, ship-to-cargo matching and freight trading.
Here our users can differentiate and yet combine in one flow all your personal Shipments and requests, those, that you received from your clients, if any, and all the other Market  orders/requests. Each user gets to chose whether or not any of the data (requests, ship positions, offers) are shared with
other or no. Some chose to share data within their team, others create a panel of brokers or carriers.
– E-mail processing
– External Freight tenders
– Cargo Search
– Ship Search
– Cargo-to-Ship Matching
– Ship-to-Cargo matching
– Freight Indexing
– Internal Collaboration
– Freight Tendering
– Freight Trading
– Contract Management
– Ship Rating
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