Shipnext Cargo Monitor

Cargo Monitor

Solution for tracking ongoing negotiations, trade and performance analytics
Cargo Monitor is a solution the helps companies manage:
– Freight Requests
– Freight Offers
– Negotiations
If you are a trader or shipper, you can track your ongoing negotiations, collect and manage freight offers and tenders.
Shipbrokers, Carriers and Shipping companies can also carry out analytics related to the performance of each
chartering manager/broker or the team in general. Track all unattended requests and track KPIs.
Here you can also send reminders and track the flow of your negotiations.
Solution for cargo tracking and supply-chain management
SHIPNEXT Monitor – service that allows real-time cargo tracking and supply-chain management. The Gantt-chart looking interface allows easy migration between different dates and status throughout the cargo delivery. Each screen contains tools which facilitate collaboration and networking
with service providers. The status-related data, related to cargo delivery, is represented by different colours and is sourced from various sources like emails, satellites, trackers, ports, terminals, ships, etc though interconnectivity.
– Cargo tracking
– Cargo management
– Documentation Management
– Tagging and Networking
– Stock management
– Delay Alerts
– Invoicing
– Reporting
– Automation
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