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African Shipowners Association Uganda incorporated in 2019, is a member of the African Shipowners Association. The Association is the voice of Uganda’s Maritime and Shipping Industry to spearhead the development of a Uganda Fleet of Vessels. The Association promotes and advocates for the development of a Uganda Fleet of Vessels, and supports Ugandans wishing to own and operate vessels. It supports the implementation of the African Blue Economy Strategy and participation in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA). African Shipowners Association is an Association of all Shipowners and Shipowners Associations in Africa, recognized by the African Union, and various other critical stakeholders in the maritime industry across the continent. The Association has been recognized as the voice of African Shipowners. The objectives of the African Shipowners Association are:
  1. Support and encourage the implementation of the African Blue Economy Strategy
  2. Development of an African fleet of vessels
Members of the African Shipowners association  are drawn from the crème of the Maritime industry all over Africa including owners, charterers and operators of ships; our Trustees are formidable Stalwarts of the Africa Maritime Industry. At the recently concluded Heads of State Summit of the African Union, the African Blue Economy Strategy was presented. Annexure 2 of it deals with Maritime Transportation, Ports among others. There is a need for Africa to make more investments & grow its market share in the maritime and shipping industry to tap into the economic benefits that can be derived from Africa’s blue economy. The initiative supports African governments’ access to financing for their own fleet and hence bringing down the cost of doing business and intracontinental trade. The African Shipowners Association Uganda, therefore, provides a forum to exchange views amongst members and the maritime industry, while spearheading relevant activities aimed at creating conducive legislative and regulatory frameworks to support the development of the maritime industry in Uganda.


Ugandan flagged vessels by 2040

Our Mission

Is to promote and develop Uganda’s Maritime and Shipping Industry to benefit of all relevant stakeholders

Objectives of ASA Uganda:

  1. To provide a platform for dialogue, development of a conducive legal and regulatory framework for maritime & shipping
  2. To promote awareness of the African Blue Economy and the related opportunities for Uganda
  3. To promote the ownership of ships by Ugandan companies & individuals
  4. To support training & skills development programmes for Ugandan personnel in the maritime and shipping industry
  5. To create business opportunities across the maritime supply chain
  6. Cooperate with African & international shipping bodies to promote mutually beneficial interests
  7. To support the development of shipbuilding, ports and ship & boat repair yards in Uganda
  8. To facilitate the participation of Ugandan Shipowners at local and international forums, conferences and exhibitions
  9. To extend assistance to any member, upon the latter’s request, consistent with its policies and capability
“I would therefore like to invite your organization to join the association and partner with us as we work towards achieving the above objectives for Uganda and our continent.”

 Jennifer Mwijukye Chairperson ASA Uganda /CEO Unifreight Cargo Handling



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Mahathi Infra Uganda Limited
Unifreight Cargo Handling
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