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African Shipowners Association

African Shipowners Association

The Continental Platform for all Shipowners and operators in the African Continent. Recognised by the African Union Commission & Association of Maritime Administration Africa (AAMA). The Association is a member of the Norwegian-African Business Association.

Our History

The idea of an Association of African Shipowners was muted a private meeting of some ship owners in Nigeria in 20……… There was a growing concerns that the continent like other continents should bring together its ship owners and other stakeholders. The basis for the formation of the Association was and still remains the African Maritime Transport Charter.

The idea for an African Shipowners Association was subject of discussion at the 1st African Shipowners Conference in Accra Ghana. This was held in collaboration with MOWCA and in attendance were a few Shipowners, Maritime Administrations of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. The African Ship Owners Association was birthed at that Conference. It was incorporated as an NGO in South Africa in with the South African Government support through its Maritime Administration.

The Association has held regular Conferences and has co-organised many more. Today the Association has a Consultative Status with the African Union;
Is a member of:

  • Association of African Maritime Administrations
  • Norwegian-African Business Association
Has MOU’s with:
  • The Arab Federation of Shipping.
  • Port and Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa.
  • African Women in Maritime.
  • Women in Maritime Sector in Eastern & Southern Africa.

Our Vision

To Become the Voice of Africans who own or operate Vessels whether flying an African Flag or not.

Our Mission

  • To achieve the goals of the revised African Maritime Transport Charter and other Legal instruments of the African Union.
  • To serve as an Advocacy Platform for Africans who own or operate Vessels.
  • To increase Africa’s participation in International Maritime Trade.

Our Alliances & Memberships

  • African Union
  • Association of African Maritime Administration
  • Norwegian-African Business Association
  • African Women in Maritime
  • The Arab Federation of Shipping
  • Port and Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa
  • Women in Maritime Sector in Eastern & Southern Africa

Our Branches


Consider Membership of African Shipowners Association

Membership is open to Africans who owns vessels, operates vessels, whilst the Association will also consider applications from other organizations or establishments critical to the Shipping Industry on a case by case basis.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to International Markets
  • Strength of Continental Association and greater negotiating ability.
  • Protection
  • Access to ship finance

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